Technology Highlights

Rapid and intuitive workflow that captures evolving shale best practices to:

    - Analyze and diagnose historical well performance

    - Constrain completion and pertophysical property uncertainties using well history

    - Perform Monte Carlo forecasts of future well perfrmance

Fluid properties can be imported from standard laboratory tests or generated by correlation

Includes a simplified wellbore hydraulics model suitable for high liquid yield wells including gas lift

Analytical and numerical algorithms formulated from standard pertoleum reservoir dynamics based on SRV/XRV concepts

Requires minimal data entry beyond well pressure and production histories

Handles dry, wet, and retrograde condensate gases - will be extended to volatile and black oils

Future functionality will include workflows to:

    - Perform multi-well analyses

    - Perform Monte Carlo forecasts of anticipated performance from undrilled well locations

    - Provide decision support algorithms to address well spacing and completion design